Q) Can I wash the Bar Covers and Boot Covers?

A) YES!! We know how messy babies can be! That is why being able to wash Bar Covers and Boot Covers was part of the creating process.

Washing your Bar Cover:

  1. Machine wash with like colors. Use stain spray if needed. 
  2. If your Bar Cover includes Play Tags, it is best to put them inside a mesh washing bag to prevent the tags from getting tangled and ripped. 
  3. Toss in dryer for the full cycle. Double padded Bar Covers may require extra drying. Make sure they get fully dry before putting them back on the bar.
  4. Ironing and steaming your Bar Cover is a great way to bring its life back! Just be careful to NOT IRON THE MINKY! This will take the raised dots out. Avoid ironing the Play Tags as well. 

Only have time for a quick sprucing?

Iron and steam both sides (NOT MINKY FABRICS) to make it look as good as new!


Washing your Boot cover

  1. Wash with like colors. Use stain spray if needed. 
  2. Toss in dryer for full cycle.
  3. Do NOT iron the Boot Covers.


Q) How do I know what size I should buy? 


Bar Covers

These are suggested Lengths. For best accuracy, it is always better to measure as no 2 babies grow the same. How to measure: Heel to heel in the brace. Entire back from shoulder to shoulder without the brace.


Boot Covers

Size can be found on either the back of the boot (heel) or the bottom (center).


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