26th Avenue Clubfoot Essentials

Our Story

26th Avenue has one goal: to make your Clubfoot journey more joyful. The reason why is simple, we’re Clubfoot Parents too!

26th Avenue Clubfoot Essentials was founded in 2016 by Brooke Keller. When Brooke first received the news that her baby had Clubfoot, a lot of questions arose. As parents, we’ve all felt the uncertainty and worry in wanting what’s best for your child, no matter what. We’ve experienced the stress and anxiety that comes with wondering what the process will be like or how difficult the Clubfoot Journey may actually be, but we also know the immense relief that comes with finding other parents who know exactly what we’re dealing with in communities both online and in person. That’s the same comfort we want you to have when you shop with 26th Ave.

After researching Clubfoot, Brooke loved the idea of a Bar Cover dressing up the Clubfoot Brace in a way that was both protective and fun. She quickly realized nothing was available that met our needs or our budget. During many late-night feedings with our brand-new Clubfoot Cutie, Brooke found limitless inspiration to provide a more durable and affordable, higher quality alternative. It wasn’t NOT going to happen. There was a need in the community that was pulling her to it. With that in mind, the sewing machine was brought out of the closet, dusted off, and put to work.

For a while, 26th Avenue only offered Bar Covers on the side of a larger business that provided accessories for babies. But as the need for a personalized product to share with the Clubfoot Community grew, so did 26th Avenue Clubfoot Essentials. We were rallied around by each and every one of you to be in the position we are today. To put it simply, you are 26th Avenue, and we never forget that. Every time we’ve ran into a setback, you’ve lifted us right back up. You built this. We put you first, because we believe better customer service equals a better end product. We take the time to get to know you and your child, to respect each unique situation, and to deliver a Clubfoot product that reflects that. In our personal family, 26 translates to “I love you” and that’s where the name stems from. It shows that each Clubfoot Cutie can feel the love from a Bar Cover that is hand-made just for them. It also reminds us as a company to continually give love back to the Clubfoot Community with a quality product that you can always trust.

Many satisfied customers have lauded how meticulous we are when it comes to details. We stand by our products in the production process. We aim to have zero loose threads, no imperfections in the foam lining, secure snap fittings, personalized pattern selection, and accurized sewing. Rest assured, quality is our highest priority. We pride ourselves in the fact that the Clubfoot Community has allowed us to provide them this valuable service. From trucks to flowers, princesses to dinosaurs, we guarantee that we have something that represents your Clubfoot Cutie’s personality because we’re all part of the same Clubfoot family, no matter what you like. Because here at 26th Avenue, we’ve got you covered.