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26th Ave Clubfoot Essentials

7-8 Grey Canvas & Grey Cotton

7-8 Grey Canvas & Grey Cotton

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These cool Boot Covers will fit your baby in size 7 or 8 boots. The outside is made with a thick, durable canvas material while the inside is made with quality cotton. They are designed to hold up well with plenty of kicking and can be machine washed and dried. They include a hole in the heel which allows the bar to be attached. They are made in style B (see below) making them easily snap on and off the boots while the bar is still attached. 

Don't forget, you will receive an EXTRA 10% off when you purchase more than 1 item and 20% off when you purchase 5 or more! Items may be combined with Bar Covers and Boot Covers.

Pre-made Boot Covers are already discounted and ready to ship to you TODAY! If you combine pre-made items with any custom item in your order, they will be shipped together when the custom items are finished unless otherwise specified. Please check the sizing to make sure it is correct for your baby and let us know if you have any questions!

Shipping is free in the U.S. No refunds, (what you see is what you get)!

Love these prints but need some changes? Message me to customize your very own!

Please make sure you are purchasing the right size, style, and brand type before you order!

Boot Cover Size Chart

Suggested lengths:

 Size  Boot  Age
 2XS  0000  Under 3 mo.
 XS  000  Under 3 mo.
 S  00  3-6 mo.
 M  0  6-9 mo.
 L  1  9-12 mo.
 XL  2  12-18 mo.
 2XL  3  18-24 mo.
 3XL  4  2T-2 1/2T
 4XL  5  2 1/2T-3T
 5XL  6  3T - 3 1/2T
 6XL  7  3 1/2T - 4T


How to measure:

Size can be found on either the back of the boot (heel) or the bottom (center).

Which boot cover style should I get?

Style A (Side Snap) - Snaps up on the side to add flair. Must be added to the boot before the bar is attached, helping them stay secured so baby cannot undo the boots.

Style B (Rear Snap) - Snaps up in the back, offering a straight and sleek look. These can easily be taken on and off while the bar is attached.

Font Examples

Personalize your child's Bar Cover with your choice of color(s) and font for just $5 per side!

Here are the different fonts that we offer:

1 Wild West

Apple Crisp

Autumn Breeze

4 Block

5 Braxtin

6 Dotty

Fat Dot

8 Fluffy

9 French Script

10 Route 66

11 Swirly Wirly

Winter Wonderland

13 College

14 All Heart

15 Betterfly

16 Curlz

17 Flamingo

18 Groove

19 Ooze


Mickey Heads

22 Rose

23 Southern Belle

Banana Nut

25 Honey Suckle

Corn Flour

27 Frosted Orchid

28 Lime Drop

29 Ruby

30 Strawberries n Cream

31 Substitute

32 Curls

33 Daisy


35 Pasta

36 Puppy


38 Mario

Last Time

40 Chill

41 Vine Monogram

42 Sass


44 Harry Potter

45 Kids

47 New York

48 Light Year

49 Marley

50 Baseball

51 Anna

Shipping & Delivery

Premade items are shipped same day. Custom orders typically ship within 3-5 days.

If you combine pre-made items with any custom item in your order, they will be shipped together unless otherwise specified.

Looking for International Shipping? We charge a flat rate of $15 for international shipments. Depending on local laws and customs, some countries may charge an additional fee to receive a package through international fees. The customer will be in responsible for paying the additional fee when applicable.

The customer is responsible for providing the correct address at the time of the purchase. Changes to the shipping address may result in an additional shipping charge. 26th Avenue Clubfoot Essentials is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged shipments.

Have specific questions? Connect with us on Facebook Messenger or email us at and we would love to help you!

Return Policy

Because items from 26th Avenue are custom, we are unable to accept any returns. But if you are not 100% satisfied with your order please let us know! We are happy to fix any mistakes and issues promptly and accurately.

Contact us with any questions or concerns at or through Facebook Messenger.

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